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10 Lessons from Boxer Vijender Singh India

Very Few People from India and abroad knew that Indian Boxer  Vijender Singh was born on 29th Oct 1985 with full name known as Vijender Singh Beniwal  and he belongs from from Kaluwas, Bhiwani district in Haryana. 

Yesterday Vijender Singh  Tweeted

Today he won  WBO Asia Pacific super middleweight boxing championship after competing for 10 rounds fully

Vijender singh wbo champion
Vijender singh wbo champion

Now lets discuss his victory and how he is  achieving his success lines and what made him never been knocked out in the ring till noconstant 7 professional fights and what kind of learning startups can learn from him and his glory wining spirit.




Match was full of fun and full of victory moves and lashesh and fighting punches but it all started with a teaser



7 wins (6 knockouts), 0 losses, 0 draws[55]
Win7-0Australia Kerry HopeUD10 (10)2016-07-16India Thyagaraj Sports Complex, Delhi, IndiaWon vacant WBO Asia Pacific Super Middleweight title.
Win6-0Poland Andrzej SoldraTKO3 (8)2016-05-13United Kingdom Macron Stadium, Bolton, United Kingdom
Win5-0France Matiouze RoyerTKO5 (6)2016-04-30United Kingdom Copper Box Arena, London, United Kingdom
Win4-0Hungary Alexander HorvathKO3 (6)2016-03-12United Kingdom Echo Arena, Liverpool, United Kingdom
Win3-0Bulgaria Samet HyuseinovTKO2 (4)2015-12-19United Kingdom Manchester Arena, Manchester, United Kingdom
Win2-0United Kingdom Dean GillenKO1 (4)2015-11-07Republic of Ireland National Stadium, Dublin, Ireland
Win1-0United Kingdom Sonny WhitingTKO3 (4)2015-10-10United KingdomManchester Arena, Manchester, United KingdomProfessional boxing debut.

Within Match we reviewed Vijender Singh tweets

10 Lessons we can Learn from him as individual and as startups as follows:-

First lesson

In your country  everyone will support you and you need support in and out with all the reasons and its all you got so for all the individuals and startups  inspiration and support from fellow people and friends always  required and when the Prime Minister with you you got huge pressure to succeed

Second Lesson

He started with a medal won on 2008 Athens and then every one knows him but his struggle and his hard-work can only be measured by him only so never forget the past hard-work and all the struggles is a must to be remembered lesson and must be learned all the time.



Third lesson 

All the individuals who are looking at this post must remember that he left with no choice but to either choose the Indian boxing tournaments or professional boxing and he choose professional boxing as very few have done that so he choose the road less traveled but still he have his instincts that he can perform really well whole media was not in support of the same and today that whole media is his fan box , So always choose your instincts and go with that no matter who trust you or who does not.

This is how he made his debut in pro boxing leagues and Indian boxer Amateur Vijender Singh

Lesson Four 

Never ever give up and rule the environment where you are being put or thrown into with loads of actions and so same is being taught to Indian  kids that we gonna break you but that is the real way we build the muscles and motivation that is the Indian way of raising sports star and same can be learned by Startups whether it is Tech Startup or Non Tech Startup.


Fifth Lesson


Always aim for the gold nothing matter than a win so leave your hardships and fight for the gold and go beyond people’s Expectations and same can be done only by day to day progress and  rich hard daily disciplined regime of hard-work.

Success cant be replaced by loss but winners have it all for the game and carry the same to the home from fighting battle.So Advice to Startups go for the sky high GMV and Sales or targets you have so, simply go for the kill and go berserk for your targets.



Sixth Lesson


Like Sixth Sense this lesson is amazing always remember your focus he won consecutive 7 fights of Professional Boxing and same cant be done without a sheer focus and dedication and pacifier passion so these traits are really important or indispensable by the Startups and Individuals who have Goal in Mind to be top most startup of India or Individual.




Lesson Seven

Do not Ever work less in practice and always sweat more and to clear it I have a one liner that is Prepare more for the future and that clears the winners from losers everyone wants to win but very few prepare daily for the winning so prepare more always .



Lesson Eight 


He is always Indian and India is in his blood when you play with a reason and that what he is doing in pro boxing he wants to show what he is capable of and what he can do, he is proving the same. So always have a value reason and nothing can be better than this .

So always play and remain in game to make your identity for Startups its a great lesson.


Lesson No Nine (9)


Always have a strong Team to support you in tough or good times so that you can make a comeback even in a knockout so always have a strong team in support and support staff which will boost you up always as rightly said your company will define you.




Lesson Ten 

Always Dream more and Achieve more never end your hunger the day hunger is over body do not need you so to always have a great Future Dream more chase more and win more . Always  ignite your dreams with your hunger to win this lesson can be a turning stone for the Startups world 




Vijender Singh is the motivational image now after getting 15th Place in world of Pro-boxing cheer for him and request Indian boxing to bring him back for Indian boxing team ,wish if he could fight in Rio Olympics.




Startup Scratch team