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10 Startups lessons From P.V Sindhu Vs Carolina Marie Winner of Olympics Final

Watching Indian Shuttle Machine is up to great pleasure  from the start she tried all her weapons of armory like a young lad against Carolina Marie and the game of badminton becomes a battle in the beginning but changed from 10 point above in first round where P. V  Sindhu won through the mistakes of  Carolina Marie and made the momentum down of Carolina and won through a straight Set of 21- 19 against Marie.

P. V. Sindhu Beaten Carolina Marie in First Set of Olympic Final
P. V. Sindhu Beaten Carolina Marie in First Set of Olympic Final


In the Second Round Carolina got up back and beaten P.V Sandhu  in close encounter by Carolina Marie through the best of her shots and best of her aggression and winning in all by all fluent strokes and beaten her through a sigh of shock and made the game snatched from P.V Sandhu Hands brilliantly.

Carolina beat Sindhu in second round
Carolina beat Sindhu in second round


In the last Round P.V Sandhu  beaten by Carolina Marie by her energy and brilliant game alertness and all momentum and points of third last round unmatched by 7 points in favor of Carolina and 3 in favor of P.V.Sindhu

In all means game is all about few lessons which if been learned and applied by P.V Sindhu She can be back in the game and it all decide the journey and winning game points in favor of one from all means and those lessons of winning and loosing if applied in startup phases may work astonishing and discovery kind of learning for startups.

So lets starts the armory and weaponry of P.V. Sindhu and Carolina Marie best Shots and winning spree which can help startups win above unicorns which can be differentiated by way of resources and much more avenues:-


First Lesson:-

If startups wish to win from Unicorn of startups then the same can only be done via skills and strategy as unicorn of startups have all resources while startups are new and have limited resources so by increasing the skills of all the employees and brainstorming each and every step and process of startups can earmark the startups ahead of Unicorns.


Second Lesson:-

If startup wish to compete with same line of Product of Unicorns then only one way left with the startup newbies entrants is to have a variety and work on diversified product line with a way to do in different markets required and tier two  cities must be focussed widely.


Third Lesson:-

Never loose the Patience and always use a great eye of the tiger in every segment of the startup race and journey.


Fourth Lesson:-

The difference between a Winner and a looser is just by margins but the  hard work paved by both the winner and looser is just so impeccable and tiring for one it is win for it’s a loss for one its end of winning and start new journey for another its the start of life again. So we must put our best efforts forward and put in front till the end of the fight and same rule applies in Startups winning never give up give your best shots till end.


Fifth lesson

Just stay conscious and momentous, as  quoted by a historian there will be great time given by god to person to sleep in coffins but if you are alive and in the race to be number one never just get glorified by one win or being tarnished by one loss just be constant and open your mind gates in all decision gates and just choose your right arrow to hit the target of your goal.Startups must make wise decisions and fast too one less or one more or one good or one bad one right or one wrong might stop you from becoming the Unicorn of Startups.

Sixth Lesson:-

Just be what you are never tried to copy the other one, today in fighting war of last rounds Carolina made margin points by being open to self and mesmerizing that you can win and you have to put your best strokes and play with such a fast speed that opponent will not get time to win or even think again or think in right way she changed the whole scenario from loosing from first round to just changing the force of game points on her end just making the other opponent weak in Mind and just do errors and surpassing those errors in own favor and getting ahead and not letting P.V.Sindhu back in-game or in mind again.

So Moral in summarise manner always think about you and your startups never give single second on getting amused by other unicorn or getting swayed by the mind games of your competitors because if you give it a taught you gonna invite the tornado of unconsciousness towards you which will derail you.


Seventh Lesson:-

If make a mistake is okay but if you make a series of mistakes you will definitely lose the match and the game and same rules apply to business and in the world of Startups ,SO just remember your steps going and moving ahead your one decision can make you think to lose a startup lead but series of mistakes can make you so weak that many problems can arise like resources problems, Decision making problem and talent crunches so just go ahead without series one step ahead and think for second before taking same don’t just go berserk.

Eighth Lesson:-

Never judge a person by one move a person can be easy and sound but the same person can have a Tiger speed as and when required so great to access with whom you playing in advance in the game Carolina took smashes like a tiger she knew that Sindhu have a huge height and it’s not easy for her to kneel up so she smashed shots after shots on low-level and body shots straights and Sindhu coach warned her to be get rid of that problem very diligently and in a fast pace but till the time Sindhu made it correct game went out of her hands ,


Startups can learn from the same if you always take a wisdom decision taking too much time you can’t win because your Competitor or somewhere in so big world is so much sound that , that startup can take your strategy or similar strategy in use at a very less time period and can use it for success so to win the race either with fellow startups in India or startups around the world or unicorns in the making of startup world just remove your problems and errors as early as possible.

Ninth lesson :-

Startups always knew what they doing and making use of , so taking an example of Olympic final between Sindhu and Carolina we all as startups must know which stroke of ours can do what results for us in today game Sindhu won every shot which she played in longer version this way Sindhu engaged her opponent and broken her focus and momentum and won  but 52 long strokes were not enough to beat Carolina.

It takes a hell lot of Strategy, brain capability and a lot about pace with own thoughts if all can match in a sequence you can churn your opponent.

So startups must learn the lesson from Olympics badminton or any other game that their must huge potential and combination to stay ahead in the game of number one it require a combination of thoughts, creative ideas and execution of the same and above all mindfulness of chess shots to unwind the same in-game of business or startups or a thought-provoking badminton game of Finals of Olympics. Combined efforts of talent,hard work and innovation with diversified game plan is always lethal whether business or startups.

Tenth Lesson:-

It gives me sheer pleasure that the last round was won by 21 and 17 by Carolina , useful lessons learned is Carolina made a comeback by first round quite fast,she knew she have to beat the opponent zeal to beat number one and she hit at right spot second she was always interactive to herself and always strategize every stroke in her mind before playing in first round when she lost to Sindhu she was not that much interactive to self but now in second and third round she knew what needed to be correct and she mesmerized same in mind before applying, third she given a patience line to herself and knew that now she need to shift the pressure to Sindhu and in under pressure worlds best batsman wrenched in the past and this one was Sindhu playing her First Olympic Final against  world Number one.

Last but not the least it is the hunger to stay number one and if its lost all can be lost and Carolina knew it and she just avenged to victory by just giving stroke after stroke and right decision after decision and we know Carolina interacted all strokes and all shots well before in Mind.

Startups can learn the brilliant game plan from Carolina Marie that never be silent and always remain interacted with the team and with talent bumps and use every talent strike and turn it into lightning fast current of success ,

always apply mind and remain constant with a whole piece of bunches of strategies to win ahead in leagues one victory of one point means nothing but series of great Judgement’s can turn you into unicorn of startup world.

Third last but not the least if you have hunger to be number one and you have Victorfied in your mind how you gonna win no one can beat you even god do what you want to do .




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