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2017 growth tips for business and startups

2016 was year full of Joy of retreats and treats from MODI MANIA of Startup India and Standup India but by the year END the Startup bubble bit weak but going strong is all in startups blood and brain always,

Various questions coming in Startups Minds in 2017 January and answers of the same is here in below 

What Startups will do in 2017 to outshine the market leaders of their Sector?

How to Outshine the market factors so that revenue’s shoot up and costs dampens?

What timings’s to be kept in mind to take right decision in the same process and what level?

So got bit confused don’t be I m Here to help you!

Startup 2017 growth mantras
Startup 2017 growth mantras

Five Points to Grow your Business or Startup in 2017 are as follows:-


2017 business tips for small business and startups
2017 business tips for small business and startups


Innovation is the key to success of every business and in the world history its always focal point where if not given any kind of stress then the whole business will become obsolete and other market competitor’s going to hit your sales and margins very severely,

Whats the solution ?

Just always make a plan for innovation in your product portfolio and always stay ahead of the game.

It can be research or development in old product list of your startup or it can be any solution driven technology upgradation.



Point Two :-

Sale is the utmost beneficial point for any business to grow profits of startup or any business so for the same you need to work on sales strategy and whole of sales depends on the strategy,

So always keep on changing the same if results are bit shrewd 

2017 business tips for small business and startups

How to grow sales is bit of a substance  and to grow it in 2017 ?

Keep following points in check:-

  1. Get Customer feedback from customer’s regularly.
  2. Customer Service must be priority.
  3. Reach the Customer’s digitally.
  4. Partner with other business to grow cross channel sales.
  5. Come in to media and make Brand renowned.
  6. Get upward sales offer.
  7. Use full of CALL TO ACTION online.



Close ATTRITION RATE is the much more significant and due care point to be kept in mind so that ,the employees

and core talent must not go out o the team and must be glued to organization and provide the soul and power to business.

How to Stop Attrition rate in Startups ?

  1. Keep Employees appreciated and make them feel that they driving the startup company forward.
  2. Give rewards to employees and make them feel close to organization.
  3. Give the opportunity baseline to employees and make them responsible for organization growth.
  4. Train employees to take leadership roles and expand business as much as they can.
  5. Increase the Remuneration or make goal based or project based reward plan for employees. 

2017 business tips for small business and startups

Point Four :-


Expansion Planning is the main reason why we are all working for we want to expand but without planning we only expand in our ideas and thought process and this is quite lethal,

If we do not act and keep on thinking its mere wastage of 2017 

Likewise we talk about Mesothelioma its a cancer it struck with internal organ layer of body and ends a human 

Survival rates of mesothelioma is very negative ( thinking why we talk about the same here )

Likewise a disease don’t let it shine unless visible same way if we don’t expand we will be in likewise situation of MESOTHELIOMA .


2017 business tips for small business and startups


Lets come to the topic EXPANSION how to achieve the same as follows:-

  1. Open a Startup in another location or on another area.
  2. Form a alliance with other startups on few opportunity cost startups ideas which you are not attempting till yet.
  3. Offer your business or startup as a franchisee or business opportunity this will grow business in 2017.
  4.  Find the structured settlement buyer for your startups expansions ideas.
  5. Diversify your Startup or business portfolio it must be mantra for 2017.


For more info on how you can expand your startup  contact us on 9971504105 it will be free discussion 

2017 business tips for small business and startups



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