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5 lessons can be taught from Dangal movie to startups

When this world marked its presence in business and startup world India started its origin from JUGAD to mar dhad and movie makers in India are well versed to apply the same in to the fraternity and to the masses so to co-relate the lessons which can be learned from the Dangal movie.


Dangal the Amir Khan productions  movie made with a limited budget but right from its script to its early promo Trailer launch the movie have a great marvelous universal lesson do not underestimate the power of women in sports or life or family or anywhere, as Females can be sportsstars and can be anything great.


Lets Start with the Lessons which can be learned through dangal to the Startup community.

Lesson First:-


In India 70 % winners come from the Tier 2 or Tier 3 cities  and out of them women plays integral role in the same whether you can count them in sports startups or food startups or Technology Startups womenpeneaur’s so to know what makes them go getter one must learn their dedication and focus .


Lesson two:-


If you can stand for one thing that is what you will die for and will stand every time you got hit again and again,nothing can force you down and nothing wont put you down for longer period of time  and Dangal is all time placing same thing stand for what you always wanted to do.


Lesson three:-

Think about Gold and go for the gold only, never settle for silver when you are made for gold do not give up and go for the gold.

Its always said go for the gold never settle for less and in India even for startups dreaming less is crime so always aim higher.


Lesson Four:-

Remain consistent and give your life blood and do not look back and do not give up the startup dreams start with idea and end with the business equity dilution so there must be business which must be consistent.

 Lesson Five :-

Dreams do come true and do comeplete the dreams with full on passion and life’s  passionate efforts….

Live in present and dont dream of GMV and skyhigh valuations which require high tide efforts and long term continous efforts.




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