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5 points why Investors must invest in startups this Diwali instead in gold

In India Dhanteras or Dhantrodashi  have a  great significance for the masses as it is the first day of Festival starting pious day known as Dhanteras before Diwali.

Investor’s in India start there calender of Investment from Diwali so there is a frisk attention generation of high profits out of investing and investment portfolio’s is the main focal points and for the same investors work day and night.

So what are the main points which makes a Indian Investor Invest in startups rather than on Gold products ar as follows:-

1. Invest in shining startups:-

Before start investing in a startup right away a investor do much of a research and then move ahead to invest in the startup cycle of the same,What would be the points of consideration on the same first must be the shining valuation and shining revenue generation of that startup so if a startup have to push the real startup boom and dream about getting funded  then that the startup must work on revenue generation and making valuation counts.

If one has to take the example then Paytm would be the greatest example of the same as first Alibaba invested into it when its surging the growth channels and then later on second rounds many firms invested heavily and that is only on the above discussed points.



2.Always invest less but in variety :-

If a investor wants a great portfolio of his or her investments then it must take care of diversifying the investment portfolio in small chunks and the way to do it is going for small chunks investments and not putting all your investment in single sector or single startup.

Now let me be bit clear with a sense of a live example whther it would be portfolio of investment in startups by Ratan tata or Yuvraj singh, they invested very small chunks and in a variety of different sector based startups.



3.Value money proposition on future loving sectors of startups:-

Investors allocate investment on where to get the maximum output of their invested penny, so in simple words the investor of today is very much aware and very much techno savvy and well versed with huge knowledge of financials and profit techniques and use the same in such a way that they get maximum results.

How it is being done?

Suppose you are a Certified valuer and analyst and you work for s investment house which put their funds on parking  basis for year to year needs fulfillment of startups and for the same you keep yield method and many other financial models which keeps a track that which sector going to give how much return on their investment so suppose if FMCG is going to give you 24 %  returns on parked funds and solar going to give you 18 % and fashion going to give you 21 % profit maximisation so it will be simple 24 % one sector.




4.Invest where most of marketing is done even if you invest less in a startup too:-

Today many investors invest with a mindset to invest only in those startup which will be highly marketable and made a milestone brand  in startup fraternity, so getting funding require marketing your startup and your brand name a marvelous market thing ,

Thus keep your startup so much in boom economy that everyone is ready to fund your startup and investor must keep there funds in a platform where they get marketing free of cost.



5.  Investors follow the growth patterns of startups and then invest:-

To invest is not a rocket science but to get funding is ,so what will be difference from investors perspective depends of the points which are if they invest what will be their growth and what would be lump jacket bonus points and it will give them how much demand for there parking portfolios.

So a investor test a startup before parking their hard earned investment in the startup and its not merely dependent on GMV or sales its now a days the revenue generation and how fast they will pay the principal and what return the  startup can pay to investor so its all about investment deal for startup .

But for a startup it is a full fledge study and why most startup not able to impress the investors and argue later on that investors are either dizzy or bankrupt but its all about a deal of david the investor and two goliaths which is startup growth pattern one and another startup ability to expand grow and pay faster.

If  I am wrong tell me will you park your car on a parking which will be illegal after 1 hour and you have to park money for long term suppose a day and your answer would be big no and its because if there is no committment of safety no body will park car over their now replace car with investment. So advice is simple and straight.


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