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Elon musk Launch Neuralink Brain thoughts keeper (download what you thought)

In the past people dream of thinking and remembering the thoughts and never thought of reusing the thoughts and using it again or keeping thoughts work again and most of the time memory is so weak we all loose what we were thinking yesterday mostly,

But this gentleman who is young , dynamic and creative pal who have a mind of a computer now wish to change the way we think ,

Certainly no body gave it a thought that can this be possible ?

ELON MUSK neuralink Startupscratch
ELON MUSK neuralink Startupscratch


If yes then how he gonna be doing the same and going to hit the road blocks of keeping thoughts and downloading the same and uploading the same to memory back whenever we require it, 

Whatever the case may be he is going to do something exceptionally so well that people gonna remember that he changed the Heart by Spacex and soul by TESLA and now he is going to turn it all through Neuralink


How its going to work ?

A New Biological Device will be placed above brain and that will detect the thoughts and sensor will tap the thinking patterns and the sensor will store the thoughts patterns and either sends the thoughts like binary signals to either a user account of the person whose thoughts will be stored most probably this is going to be in Elon’s Mind because he wish to make Artificial Intelligence go into different segment and through it he can move forward the thought patterns and stats of thoughts of a person and make Artificial Intelligence learn many things and way how humans think and all and make Artificial Intelligence so strong that in the future he might break the Human brain through Artificial Intelligence,

Above Para is speculation only of our mind as Elon also thinking and company in early stages so we can only think what is his business perception,




What will be the prospective Road Blocks in  Neauralink of Elon Musk Artificial Intelligence project?


And the roadblocks are as follows:-

  1.  Brain work on a system called Neurons and these neuron interactions are still a much of a thinking and estimating same will be a much of a huge task so combining Biology with digital ways quite difficult.
  2. Rudimentary combination of Biology and technology.
  3. Elon will have to place every step in the process quite efficiently and if even one of the step will be down whole project may bump down.
  4. Implantation of a device at brain is huge task and non of the individual will be ready to go for it , I mean who is going to take the whole on the skull nobody .
  5. Devices like such Neuralace of Neuralink have to go through many challenges on hardware and comfortable side to make this possible.
  6. Software capability of the same require huge task to combine it with hardware technology.
  7. Neuralink is in earlly stages of it so cant bank upon funding and other sides.
  8. These all above roadblocks will end if Elon going to work hard and change the whole game.




Neuralink Elon musk Startupscratch
Neuralink Elon musk Startupscratch

What would be the market for the same Neura link can capture how much market share?

There is huge opportunity and huge market and the reasons for the same are below mentioned:-

  1. This is one of its market business and segment where no one is here where ELON is tuggling the winds .
  2. Early mover advantage is always his forte from past 20 years and he knows how to make revenues flourish.
  3. Hardware and Software both involve huge revenue converting and grabbing models here so both strategy will help in generating superfine earning revenue chain.
  4. Wearable’s are new future so do is the future of technology and biology so when a business epic Leaders  like Elon working on it the brand himself will gather huge profit models.
  5. Many more profit strategies can be embeded on to product an implementation and using the product stages differently so lets wait and see what elon will have for us in NEURALINK.


All the best for Neuralink and a new thought process business and startup.






Startup Scratch team

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