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Future of Financial fintech Startups Paytm and Pay u money story

In this Market where Cash driven economy taking a flip and moving from Cash Driven to Cash less society, people who lost their souls due to pollution and No cash or Old Currency exchange to long ques people who are living easy is only thorough  Plastic Money cards whether it would be credit or debit cards.

But our main aim is not to discuss the main problems faced but how Immediate Fintech Startups churning growth modules and there is a study of the same available so lets start with Paytm story first because this Fintech startup is now behemoth of the Digital Currency server in India:-


Paytm Aka Payment Solution the brain child of Vijay Shekhar Sharma with more than 7 lakhs transactions daily and having 250 merchants allies on different product categories and with a upcoming news of hiring 10,000 employee’s to turn every nukkad kirana shop to paytm wallet stop this Man Vijay Shekar Sharma done a awesome job in making India a cashless Economy.

What were the milestones for this Startup Fintech firm are as follow:-


Paytm Story

  1. Making Wallets available to merchants and making payment a quick and easy way.
  2. Getting 1000 different Sceheme’s and Discount offers on almost every service it offers.
  3. Making a Solution of easy bill payment to Easy Ticket booking.
  4. Easy to use pay backs and points system.
  5. Splendid marketing baseline and making product popular to youth of India.
  6. Spreading and partnership with other startups and joint ventures and easy availability.
  7. Making Diversified Service interface and baseline.
  8. Making it a Ecommerce hub instead of just recharge solution place.
  9. Growing market leadership in decision making as making Board of Paytm filled with Alibaba executives, Goldman Mark , and Recent Mr Amit of Google joined Paytm making Board of Paytm stronger and diversified.
  10. Rich experience and helping Paytm grow Exponential and making it a investor firm to fund startups to channelise growth and diversification and taking business to next level.


Paytm karo digital fintech
Paytm karo digital fintech



Pay U money Story :-

A Payment gateway culture erupter PayUmoney make it big and supported alot from the Ecommerce Webstores to Payment solution tools such as social payment links to collect and pay payments to vendors.

Payu Money Leading the team with  Laurent le Moal and Amrish Rau  and shailaz Nal make it a great team combo all together.

Pay U Money Backed by Nasper recently bought citrus pay making it huge in the line.

Success reasons of this Fintech Startup as below:-

  1. Where Paytm backs business on B2C model here in Pay U money They provided Solution to Vendors and merchants and through it made way clear for B2B transactions.
  2. Pay U money Backed with latest technology and this company have its own Innovation Cell for new products research.
  3. They associated with all together every bank for integeration services and provided solution to each and every merchant at a affordable price.
  4. Solution and Activation way to simple and remarkable support system.
  5. They Provide Best and Best of tools and with latest tools of Financial market.
  6. Pay U money Recently in Sep 2016 Bought Citrus Pay so its very big infra and technology wise.
  7. Pay U money have all features for masses.
  8. It is building future products which is on research and Development Stage.


Pay u money Tools
Pay u money Tools
Pay u money logo pic courtesy by google creative commons
Pay u money logo pic courtesy by google creative commons


So if you are a Fintech Startup and wish to grow your business then consider above points.

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