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Grow your Startups in 2017 with these Tips

In the wake of 2016 end and on the way to 2017 every Startup is looking for Startups tips for 2017 the New year which can boost the Startups Growth and give the possible traction as well as possible sales upliftment with a slight raise in Gross Market Value of the products on to which Startups were Dealing into .


Startupscratch growth hacks 2017

To understand the Cheat-sheet for 2017 for your Startup Growth hacks You need to know ?What

Startupscratch growth hacks 2017

The 2016 Points in considerations which made best Startups of 2016 which are 

Startup Number One of 2016 is and it is because of its latest P2P Approach of Fintech System of Lenders match with Borrowers.



Startup Number Two Bolt Charger Started on 2015 and generated so much revenue that sales boosted up and so does the revenue too known as  and it is being founded byFounder(s) – Satyajeet Mohanty (CEO & Co-Founder, Bolt), Ronak Kumar Samantray.

Startupscratch growth hacks 2017


 Third  Startup is Wow! Momo Foods Pvt Ltd started by Founder(s) – Sagar Daryani & Binod Kr. Homagai , City – Headquartered in Kolkata, operational in Delhi, Bangalore, Chennai, Kochi and revenuesshooting somewhere in the lines of 3.5 crore per month and employe base expanding around 700 and what is future plans is 100 restaurants headcounts in 2017.

Startupscratch growth hacks 2017



Another Startup roaring into travel and tourism industry is Inspirock , Founder(s) – Anoop Goyal and Prakash Sikchi
and Startup City – San Francisco. About 25,000 users from over 190 countries use the site to plan a holiday every month

Startupscratch growth hacks 2017


You might be wondering what would be the cheat-sheet for helping your startups to outgrow others in your startup sector ok lets have a some serious Cheat Sheet Plan of action to growth hack startup in 2017:-



First Cheat- sheet Point:-

Goal  and Target:-

Startupscratch growth hacks 2017

We must set year wise goals and Quarterly targets in sales and and in Revenue, why so Sales must be yearly measured but revenue must grow in quarterly basis so if one quarter loose’s Streak then another will outshine the same.So what are your game rules for your startups in 2017?


Second Cheat- Sheet Point:-

Focus on Manpower:-

Startupscratch growth hacks 2017

Your Core Talent of your startup oranization must not leave organization but best talent from market must come to you either on permanent basis or either on Assignement basis for few project Ahaan You

Got That!

Those who didn’t

Think wisely get a big project but do try to grab a new team from market which is different from current team and do help growing two teams within same startup and build a competition culture and help both teams to nurture the revenue’s.


Third Cheat Sheet Point for your Startups in 2017 as below

Expand Business Development Team:-


Startupscratch growth hacks 2017

Every year the firm which do not grow its team size and specially the business development Team it is trying to hunt down its own growth speed pace.

So always grow 2 is to 1 ratio of business development team of startups as compared to execution team, So why thinking grab few expanses to churn on revenue of the coming season.



Fourth Cheat Sheet Point in the Charts for growth hack Startup manifold in single word for 2017 is as follows;-


If you are running a Startup then you cannot forget the real mantra’s of 2017


Startupscratch growth hacks 2017 digital marketing

Which is be Digital and use all avenue’s of the web which in nutshell is build your Digital Marketing team first in 2017 even a one person also can be a boon for all those targets and goals!!



Fifth and Last Cheat – Sheet Point for the Startups of 2017


Expand in Geo tagging way means  if your startup is built only or mostly on technology base then you must think of  panetrating in different continents or states or country’s as well don’t waste your lucky time who knows whats waiting for you , but the same time never leave main business mark or business place in worry.

Startupscratch growth hacks 2017

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