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How to bring Foreign Resident Director in your INDIAN Startup

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DIN of a Non Resident

DIN (Directors Identification Number) is a unique Identification Number allotted to an individual who is to be appointed as Director of a Company, upon making an application (in e-form DIR-3) pursuant to Section 153 and 154 of the Companies Act, 2013. DIN of the proposed Director is also a pre requisite for Company Incorporation in India.

foreign director in India startup


Documents required for DIN of a Non-Resident

for DIN application (DIR-3) for a NR applicant it Requires.

  1. PAN:PAN is not mandatory for foreign nationals but it ll required if they they are bound to hold the PAN card under the income tax act.

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  1. Identity proof: Passport is a mandatory requirement for proof of identity for Foreign National. Notarised and Apostilled copy of the passport should be attached. Details should not be different in both.

If the Non-resident is proposed to be appointed in an existing company, the Company secretary in full time employment / CEO / Managing Director/Director of the Indian company may certify the document. In this case it shall not be required to get the document Notarised or Apostilled.


  1. Address proof like passport or utility bills should not be more that one year old from the date of filing E-Form and they should also be notarised.


foreign director in India startup


  1. Proof of father’s name is not required in the case of foreign nationals/NRIs. It is mandatory to enter either father’s first name or father’s last name. In case of single name for applicant or single name for father’s name, a declaration needs to be given in form DIR-3A as an attachment in e-form DIR-3.


  1. The applicant can write NA in the country name if his country is other than india, but he/she can fill the dtate name in the prescribed column.  
  2. In case of proofs which are in languages other than Hindi / English, the proofs should be translated in Hindi / English from certified translator carrying his details (name, signature, address) and seal. In the case of foreign nationals, translation done by the notary of home country is also acceptable.


  1. Applicant’s contact No., Email-ID, coloured passport size photograph, present address in India (if any).


  1. Who can fill the DIR-3?


foreign director in India startup
foreign director in India startup

E-form DIR-3 is required to be signed by the applicant. the NR. Also, the application needs to be certified by either practicing professional or CS in whole time employment/ Director of the existing Company.


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