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How to Choose a Startup mentor and go for Startup Mentoring

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In Startup one Needs  to have all shoes tied up and ready for the run and for the same 

a Startup needs solution for many problems,

Like one startup if needs a strong support for startupmentoring

  • Sales problem of startup
  • marketing problems of a startup
  • Legal problems of a startup and many more management related errors which a startup can solve only through Startup Mentoring.
  •  Many Thinkers and philosphy  startup gurus have basic question and which is

Why your startup needs a mentor?


  • A Startup mentor will provide  mirror to your business
  • He will open doors of new opportunities for you
  • He will make your strategy and product fit for the market
  • Startup Mentor will change the mindset of startups to enter into diversified product portfolio
  • He will analyse your revenue models and put you in right way to achieve your sales and turnover.


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