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How to Choose Best Co-Founder or Founder for your Startup

Co-founder search tips

In early 90s Startup definition was not born so there come the time when people find partner’s 

  But in 2015 to 2017 people changed a lot differently and quite distinguish way 

And the trend people know is finding best possible Founder or CO- Founder and the reason lies behind the same is 

That everyone know that nothing can be done by own and by single person in a Startup where team effort is above a class impact of individual,

Few Twitter advice’s for Co-founder search here in








So what would be the best traits a Successful Founder or Co Founder must have for you and your possible search as mentioned here in :-


First trait :-

If you two can go together and listen each others :-

Many or you can say 72 % startup fail because of the wrong Co-Founder mismatch so  keep above point in mind !!

Second Trait :-

Co- Founder or Founder must be well known from past of your’s:– How ? We tell you 

If you don’t know the person then do not do business with him or her , he or she must be known to you from past and from your olden and golden days , 

Many startups fail because dependability happens on a person too much and he or she who is Co-Founder  can bump you in middle of startup journey as profits makes people come together and self interest make them apart in future of startup journey.


Third Trait :- 

Diversifying the Portfolio can be easily done between two:-

One person Build or make focus on manufacturing other co founder work on selling or marketing focussed and help in the same and two way strategists can make things happen.


Larry Page and Sergey Brin are the perfect example of the same we discussed above ,



As both diversified Larry working more on Alphabet and Sergey Brin brought  Mr Indian CEO for google and helped in diversifying business units into different segments and develop all together this way they can move quite realistic and practical.

Only Team building helped that a lot and still roaring ,


Fourth Trait :-

Different motive and one goal:-

This is quite difficult to understand being common man and the reason behind the same is that Co-founder’s can help achieve targets but carrying on with different targets can help you grow fast and meaning fully and at the end when need arise all cofounder’s can come together for bigger role and as a team.



Fifth Trait :-

A bunch of good recipe require Coordinated energy, Intelligence and Honesty:-

To Sum it up in a short nutshell Every Co – Founder must have a coordinated energy , Intelligence and combination of both and must be transparent in honesty while dealing even differently from other co-founder or founders and must be honest these things make a successful blend of the right match of best Co-Founder bunch.


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