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How to start a Ayurveda Business in India AYUSH

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Ayurveda is a biggest sens of relief and wellness business and most emerging sector these days in INDIA.






The Ayush Ayurcare Wellness and Treatments provides full support and resources to hoteliers and entrepreneurs who choose to establish a franchise with us. Your success is our success, and we believe that the bonds between partners should remain strong and respectful to guarantee mutual growth.


A Trusted Brand. Ayush Ayurcare has a robust reputation in India as a luxury therapeutic brand. And this reputation has already extended around the world, and the mark we’ve made on the international travel industry. As a franchisee partner of Ayush Ayurcare you can be assured that you shall be obtaining the finest and the best products and opportunities from us, as our businesses grow together.

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Our partners are unique to us, and every relationship we build is exclusive and special. 


Some entrepreneurs we deal with are new to the wellbeing industry and choose to take advantage of the full support that we offer, while those with more experience in the hotel and spa business may choose to utilise our authentic Ayurvedic products and treatments, while managing their own operations.


We at Ayush Ayurcare are equipped to give you exactly the amount of support you require, bearing in mind your personal business goals. Our world-class managementservices provide business consultancy, spa management and marketing to private clients as well as franchisees.


Ayurveda business setup in INDIA 9971504105
Ayurveda business setup in INDIA 9971504105



Ayush Ayurcare’s signature retreat centre stands as a brilliant example of what can be created when you perfectly blend a traditional approach with the best of modern holistic luxury. We can bring a similarly rich environment to the setting and designing of your new spa, or profitable innovations to your existing hospitality business.




We have an excellent marketing and communications team, and use our international travel and spa expertise for the benefit of your expanding franchise. We are keen to equip our partners with all the industry know-how we’ve accumulated in our eight decades of holistic health practice and hospitality.


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Ayush Ayurcare can provide on-going staff training at our centres in India or at your own facility. We are always able to source outstanding Ayurvedic doctors, teachers and therapists to fulfil your staffing needs.



Ayush Ayurcare Spa Franchises are able to stock their choice of over a hundred of Ayurvedic products. Your every retail need can be satisfied by our health and beauty product range, including Ayurvedic Medicine, Skin Care, Body Products and Ayurvedic Spa Equipment.


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You may wish to make use of Ayush Ayurcare’s spa software, in order to instantly co-ordinate your business processes. We offer a software solution that enables the easy management of your business processes and bookings, as well as on-going technical support for our users.

This tie-up will be for a year which can be renewed subjective to your performance.
The Franchisee Agreement will be for a period of 3 years. There are no renewal charges till this period of 3 years.


Capital investmentMinimum AreaAgreement Term
Rs15 Lacs-Rs.25 Lacs (Area Dependent)800 sq feet or more(self owned or rented)3 lacs As Non Refundable Amount as Franchise Cost for 3years and10% Royalty on Turnover of the Centre


Contact for any query on 9971504105


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