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How to Start a Startup through a One Person Company

How to Start a Startup through a One Person Company

A single owner startup setup looks easy but difficult to understand and operate and to curb the errors One person Company is right for the similar kind of business,

there are numerous one person company india

and while one person company registration is easy and saves time,cost and efforts.

One Person company have ample  advantages while 

one person company and sole proprietorship two seperate things and completely different.

one person company articles of association are quite similar to as of private limited company and quite suitable for startups in India ,

One Person Company is quite best for startups registration India,


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Startup india business registration where is very vital and important as investors only put money once they are assured that Startup is registered as business entity and  up for the game.



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Still startup have many questions to start their business entity as One person company so few questions are here in below:-

Fees for forming a one person company? is it costly


compliances for one person company?


can a one person company issue shares?


What are the documents for one person company?


What basic requirements for one person company?


Broad one person company benefits? and how to utilise same for startups


one person company board report? how it is being prepared ?


So how this one person company concept works 


In order to help you with the same providing you a all nutshell answer in Below One Person Company PPT below 

please go through with the same:-




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