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How to Start and Register a Social Startup in India

With the Modern World, working for business in the era changed  many times and few Startups are way apart and way different than many others are class apart and known as social startups in India,

Many Techie and Many Effluent Business Leaders Leaving Rich Lifestyle and choosing Indian Social Development Streams and joining in  and creating as social impact and startups for Social welfare,


Many Social Startups are green  revolution and social startups


Few Examples of the same are as below :

IDE IndiaProviding long-term solutions to poverty, hunger and malnutrition


Arvind Eye HospitalEliminating needless blindness by taking its services to rural India



Social Startups in India Have Many Problems and few are to be listed below :-


Social entrepreneurship  growth problems of startups, How to attain growth and how to move forward.


How to attain social goals through Social education startups.


How to solve funding woes for a Social startup through  social network for startups.


How to Catch Eyeballs and reach to the masses for achieving social media targets of marketing for startups.


How to Help Social Welfare through Social Health Care Startups.


How to Provide Justice via social justice startups.


How to Run a Social Startup and get rid of startups social problems.


SO first we have to solve a problem which is pioneer and above anything and the same is  explained below:-


  1. How to Register a Social Startup and what model to choose for Social Startup entrepreneurship.

 And the Answer to the same is that One who wish to start the above Social Startup Entrepreneurship and  register it in a legal and easy way can choose from following options :-

  1. Section 8 Company
  2. Trust 
  3. Society 
  4. NGO
  5. Non Profit Entity 

 and one can choose from ample ways listed above.



school health programme bosch csr


The best Option out of the above for a Social enterprise is Section – 8 company and to know more we mentioning  everything about section 8 Company below:-


section 8 company is the best option available for registration of Social Enterprise


section 8  is section of company act 2013 defined under the laws of the Indian continent for social enterprises.


section 8 company compliances are numerous and mentioned herein below.


section 8 company registration online is easily possible.


Many Social Startups struck between section 8 company vs trust but section 8 company is best and suitable for the same.


section 8 company  have many and many advantages over other forms of Social Startups Registration options over like NGO or Trusts.


forming a section 8 company is very easy and require very less steps and less efforts.


 Tax Exemption is one such benefit under section 8 company benefits hence section 8 company tax benefits.



section 8 company csr allowed means a section 8 social startup can do many corporate social Responsibility activity.


section 8 company closure is easy process.


If section 8 company take 80g and 12aa registration section 8 company eligible for many tax rebates.


Many Section 8 education social startups can do social business activity through  main object of section 8 company for education enterprises.


section 8 company features are quite vital for a social entrepreneur.


section 8 company funding is easily possible in arrangement.


In Section 8 FDI foreign direct Investment is possible easily without any hassle.


gst applicable to section 8 company.


section 8 company Registration procedure is quick and easy.


section 8 company provisions are quite simple to understand and apply to section 8 company.



Young people learning computer skills during a vocational training courses at KSWA training centre




Now after so much aof tussle you must not get involve in section 8 company or trust anxiety or dilemma.


section 8 company name rules are universal and easy to choose in reality.


section 8 company minutes mandatory to make as per law and must be done with due care.


Salman Khan Being Human


section 8 company is mca governed which means section 8 company comes under the laws of Ministry of Corporate Affairs.


section 8 company license is being granted and governed by Ministry of Corporate Affairs.


Salman Khan Being Human


section 8 company incorporation documents are not much and can be arranged easily.


No minimum capital requirement  for setting up a section 8 company.



Feeding the dog - Badlapur


Separate Legal entity of a owner of section 8 company and of its owners being present in section 8 company.


section 8 company checklist is there below please go through with the same.




if you have any question for section 8 company or social startup entrepreneurship do let us know on [email protected] and query any ?



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