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How to Startup quitting your 9 AM to 5 PM Job

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 Are you happy with 9 am to 5 pm Job?


 What feelings you get when you fall sleep to bed at night when you are burst with your life efforts in a full day job!!


What are your dreams for your career and Luxurious Life ?


Wish to find  details About the above questions have a look below 


These days a human Being never gets satisfied with 9 am to 5 pm job and the burden of boss so everyone wish to explore the brighter side of Startup world and in India where things are moving in a great speed one cannot stand in side ways and keeping mum ,

So what its takes to make a startup and run and how to leave a Fixed income getting spree ,

Few People Might think its quite difficult and quite unrealistic leaving a Fixed Income Job and look for making clients in this modern world,


Difficulties for leaving Job and Starting up as below ;-


  1.   Pocket Problems :   In India we all know everything starts with money and every day we all have our expenses running all the time so to starting up a startup takes a whole lot of efforts for the same,

So in case you do not have a fixed income you cannot survive daily needs and you cannot run a good life and good startup as well so many startups who are well developed working for fixed income as well trough founders and co founders.


Our Advice :- Either save cash while doing job and if you wish to startup in future then move that saving for daily needs as no business stand still in a week time so or do a job with your Startups dreams.


2. Family pressure and Social Pressure: Indian Startups dreams die mainly because making your family understand why do we startup is bit heavy and upheaval


task as , In India everybody wish to startup but making a Family understand who is only limited with job dreams is next to impossible and if you do not go by their virtues you have to face the heat from them in many different emotional or obnoxious ways .


3. Your Single and Married Status : If you are single than you can mingle with startup dreams but if you are married you have to pay the Price, as many Startup founders get their mind changed as their life partners are not supportive in Business decisions and business ideas and Startup Dreams.




4. Self Belief: If you are going to startup and wish to leave a high paying job then you must have a great Self belief on you and your Startup propositions , so in the same you must have a full confidence even when negative thoughts come into picture and you are alone, this journey of startup demands huge fuel of self confidence.






5. Willing to put hard work: When we do a job we put man hours to a task or to a project or to a job but when we startup we put our lifeblood to the startup life and newborn birth of a project so we need to leave our nights and burn midnight oil and give our best shots in the same.




6. Adaptive to Startup Culture in fast manner: If we shift our focus from job to Startup we work in such a way that we must be very sharp in adapting to the startup culture and learning the game of startup in a quick fashion and get down to the environment really quickly.



Quickly I used is because without quick action we cannot handle startup environment reaction and cannot take decisions in startups quite fluently.







7. Targets replace the Salary quotient’s: In Startup world higher the risk and higher the efforts you put the better return you get as rewards in form of profits or as others but in salary peanuts is the salary we get for the efforts we put in whole day and there difference arises and give us a tussle.

And we feel the heat of the difference between the both one side its profits and other side its only peanuts salary.



8. Managing time as a owner of Startup: As a Startup Founder one must learn how to manage resources well and utilise the time of own as in such a class so that we get most of it without getting out of goal and work bigtime and get great results and win a great portion of success in startup community. As job is totally different thing and in startup one have to give focus approach to the same on the time front as one have to manage outside and inside as well.



9. Last Advice :- We always have a dream and many of us just frisk the  steps to that dream in a very lousy way and we delay our steps either or we do not move forward and only dream about the same, taking decisions is very important and if we are not taking the strong and risky decisions we are not moving forward , as rightly said a Lion dont get deer just by dreaming about the Deer so a person cannot move out of Comfort Zone without taking a right step forward.


So do not wait just take the move forward and do startup 





Startup Scratch team

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