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Lessons for Startups from Android Nougat 7.0 android

Nougat 7.0 Android Version is being released by Google for Android Nexus Devices today and it is viral like a house of cards all over the world , Everywhere the Preview release of full version Nougat 7.0 Android is talk of the town.

So whats new in Nougat the latest version of Android and what startups can learn from the same as follows:-

Although all versions of android have something unique  but here in Nougat Android the

Unique Selling Proposition would be



Clear Options

Redefined Quick Settings Buttons

Quick multi window support now for two apps together running

Same application grouped notifications in a single version format

Battery saving Doze option there

Facial Recognition features

and Beta details here in

Nougat 7.0 Startups India
Nougat 7.0 Startups India



So what startups can learn from the Nougat 7.0 Android newest baby of the town

Lesson One:-

Innovate and Innovate and make things better so if you are a startup and wish to be tingle talk of town just be Innovative and more creative help people in getting better through your startup service interface,So innovation is important a lot.

Lesson Two:-

Redefine the ways in every season and every way and every day otherwise your competitors will do the same and you will be lost in the race of the heroes of startups.


Lesson Three :-

Try to solve a problem through your startups and if it can help in Multitasking and in any how crack the old versions and brings a spectacular change in people life you have made it to the page three of startups world so just change dimensions of multitasking.

Lesson Four:-

People Believe in quick solutions these days so if you are lagging behind in speedy recovery to their solutions to there problems you are not making any significant change in their life and neither you adding value through your startup project so just be quick and easy.

Lesson Five from Nougat:-

Latest and best in class technology must be evidentiary to your safeguard and must also be present in your product whether by looks or by use or by interface or anyhow in overall look and feel as world-changing and if you do not change you will be non android platform and your sales propositions will be less and who knows you will be lost king .


Startups who are in tech and using SAAS or any other latest technology updates must be quick and innovative and there must be a change adaptive behaviour be present in their working otherwise no one can stop getting these companies drown to slow and non brainstormed death and very quickly so just be the change like Nougat 7.0 Android.


Startup Scratch team