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Long awaited deal of funding which was from process since May 2016 ends now here on 19th Oct 2016 


What CEO of Railyatri have to say about it as follows 


Railyatri App review is also live and customers of the same have a say too

Railyatri was in much of media whether it is television or  youtube, Nanda Kishore Subba, Director, Railyatri in


 What made Railyatri and make it keep going in the trend?


All about railyatri


2 Lessons from there growth pattern in Startup world is as follows:-


Number one 

Growth driver of their industry is business to consumer approach and here they using latest technological products such as tracking the track of passengers who track through them and who do not and how to push the growth of those who dont use their app and revive growth through making existing passengers to revisit their app again awesome strategy of Analytics and technology drivers and staying ahead from other comeptitor’s.


Blog of Railyatri


Number Two

Railyatri is the only startup which work hard on study and research few months back they given a study on IRCTC on how much people travel through Indian railway and what are the busy routes and they used GPS technology how they track the delay in trains and what passengers wishlist today and what they want through a app.

So study the main problems of sector and try to hinder problems and give solutions.



Chances of growth here in this sector is great and big and taking this ahead is very much of importance for

and technology can do a lot more in near future we wish all the best to and hope to see 10x growth for them in near future.


Startup Scratch team

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