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Ratan tata portfolio of Startups in India

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Did you know if you are rich and young you are a miracle but if you are  Old and Rich that combination is like non other than a Lion who have all the features of a predator who can shoot any how anything but if that lion teach the lessons of his life’s best prey and  hunt than it will be a great learning in a short period of time the young cubs can learn the experience and maturity and the games in a quick span of time,


Similarly  I have Noticed that Ratan Tata teaching the game rules to the young Cubs of Startups in India with a sense of personal nurturing and care with a handful of supporting them like seeds to the trees and becoming roots of there success journey.

Well now you will ask how ?

Its may be via Funding the Startups or may be Mentoring the Startups of India and good to see his guidance to the youngsters in such a calibrated and structured  way .

Now I wont be discussing about Ratan sir we all know about Tata and Ratan sir and connection between both of them but as we all have seen news that he get down from  Chief position of Tata group we thought that he will be part of trust and foundations and do noble cause but watching him and his portfolio in Startup world We have got Goose Bumps that is why we always say don’t underestimate the thinking he is always a Apex Star in corporate world.

Lets be Bit Segmented and Structured while discussing about the saga we will be up-to the point and will jot down the Index what we gonna discuss and how so as the journey starts as follows:-

Portfolio comprises of 7 to 8 startups in the beginning and few early starters which he had  were  named as follows:-




Urban Ladder ,

Swasth India and Car dekho were initial bets where he roared

INFINITE ANALYTICS :-It is the marketing and analytic’s company co-founded by  two MIT graduates. It is backed by Tim Berners-Lee, inventor of the World Wide Web, and Deb Roy, chief media scientist at Twitter

Lybrate:- Ratan Tata, along with Tiger Global Management and Nexus Venture Partners (NVP) has invested about Rs 64.8 crore.

Kaaryah: The fashion portal was launched in September 2013 and focuses on offering Indian women the perfect fit for western formal wear. Nidhi Agarwal is the owner of the portal.

Xiaomi  India:- An undisclosed amount invested through Ratan tata .

Grameen Capital: An investment advisory company located in Mumbai that advises and arranges funds for microfinance institutions in India.


Paytm: The e-commerce firm was founded and incubated by One97 Communications in 2010.

Bluestone:  It is a Bangalore-based online jewelry retailer founded by IIT graduate Gaurav Singh Kushwaha and Vidya Nataraj.

Altaeros Energies: A US-based wind energy company, founded in 2010 at Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)

FirstCry:- is omni-channel player with presence across desktop, mobile and offline routes offering baby and maternity products in India.

Dogspot :- Online petcare platform Dogspot has raised an undisclosed amount of funding from Ratan Tata, existing investors and new angels.The Gurgaon-based company claims to be the country’s most visited pet portal. Rana Atheya, Co-founder and CEO, DogSpot and The company claims to have delivered over 700,000 pet products across the country in 2015. Currently, it does about 60,000 orders on a monthly basis with an average basket-size of Rs 1,700.

Zivame :-  Ratan Tata also invested an undisclosed funds  to online lingerie marketplace and  overall market cap opportunity the online lingerie segment is large the total lingerie or sleepwear market in India was valued at $3 billion last year, of which around 1 per cent was online, according to a report by Indian Retail.

Abra :-Abra app will initially be available to registered users in the US and the Philippines in the coming weeks. Abra, which works on Bitcoin and crypto currency technologies for interchange of currencies, is setting up a multi-country teller network for money transfer through mobile apps. Tata invested in this for the first time into Digital currency of American origin.


Cashkaro:- A moneyback and cashback and coupon site which help you get cash addons or cashbacks on Jan 2016 .

Crayon data :-Founded in 2012, Crayon offers a personalisation engine to empower enterprises to deliver ultra-personalized choices to their consumers. crayon data product Maya  is there specialised product.

Tracxn:- Tracxn is a  intelligent data analytic and a sector-focused analyst product to help venture capital funds, private equity firms and strategy teams track the dynamic startup market and identify interesting invest able companies and upcoming sectors.Founded in 2013 by former venture capital investors Neha Singh (ex-Sequoia Capital) and Abhishek Goyal(ex-Accel Partners).

Hola chef:- Holchef was launched in September 2014 by Saxena and Anil Gelra, since then it has been increasing its customer base in Mumbai and more recently in Pune. It serves home-quality food with daily new menus of breakfast, lunch, evening snacks and dinner; along with packaged edibles under the Flavors section. Home Delivery of food

Urban Clap:- UrbanClap allows users to book over 80 services, including plumbing, electrical work, beauty, wellness, tutorials and wedding photography.The company has a network of more than 25,000 service professionals


Ampere :- Ampere Vehicles, founded by Hemalatha Annamalai, manufactures electric two-wheelers and three-wheelers like cycles, scooters and custom built vehicles. The company currently sells their products in Tamil Nadu, Karnataka, Kerala and Maharashtra.


Your story:- A media house which publish startup stories and focus content related to startups and entrepreneurship.Your Story got about investment which is between $3 million and $5 million (Rs 20-32.5 crore) but did not disclose the exact amount from Mr Ratan Tata.



Sabse bolo:- A Platform which helps audio conference and won 9th India Digital summit organised by IAMAI .

 Murgency :-MUrgency Inc(ONE GLOBAL EMERGENCY RESPONSE NETWORK) was founded in 2014 by Indian social entrepreneur Shaffi Mather in Silicon Valley and incubated out of Stanford ChangeLabs. The mobile app makes emergency response available with one tap on a mobile phone in under 9.0 minutes in urban areas.
If we total around 30 startups in India and Abroad he had invested his valued money with a  depth of soul only he can do such wonder even this portfolio if we discuss in versative and diverse so if one parked seed not perform other will and as sectors are different of each startup where he invested money will be earned after years and if he took back there would be whole lot of value proposition will be drilled out of it this is what a investor must look onto it.



What a investor must learn from Mr Ratan tata a checklist which we have made out of our wisdom from the above portfolio which is as follows:-


1. Always invest small out of total pool of 20 cr of funds he invested small chunks in various startups so very great strategy  he used not parking whole amount in one place.

2. Diversify your portfolio simple principle of investment.

3. Always drive  investment on latest innovation find them fast and invest them fast.

4. Drive on masses attractive product line business like cashkaro and snapdeal.

5.Stay intact and invest in future energy products such as Ampere and altaereos and abra.

6.Invest with a vision and drive the company through experience and alternative of experience is strategy and collaboration.

7. Stay in league of biggies for investment like Paytm and Ola.

8. Early investment in a market where opportunity is huge is awesome always like Bluestone and Kaaryah.

9. Invest with a mind on social technology as well .

10. Investment is not easy overall food startups is must if you are a investor.


If  We have to Sum up the Whole proposition we must salute this one man army who is firing rock solid and we wish him alot thanks that apart from building tata in its fullest form which contributes mostly to our Indian GDP he still nurture young guns of the soil.


He mentors alot and he helps alot so lot more can be learned through him with him only waiting to be with him soon to ask few questions as well.


Remain in touch this article is crafted by Gaurav .


Startup Scratch team