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Startups and Pokemon Go relationship lessons

Startups and Pokemon Go are different Class all together but there are certain points where Pokemon Go and startups correlate with their virtues of there environment,Features,Advantages,Pros and Cons and above all there are lessons which both have in common and apart from all these Pokemon Go launched as a startup product via Nintic


Pokemon Go

This game is a combination of Augmented reality or Virtual reality with the real world location sensing like in a task you need to capture Pokemon’s and these can be found in different locations of your real world characters are virtual but the locations they embedded is real life environment you have to place camera in a location and App itself find Pokemon’s and place that you got it or not.

How to play Pokemon Go in India 



Pokemon Dubai Edition



So whats the comparison between startups and Pokemon


Number one 

Environment of Pokemon go and Startups both are tedious catching Pokemon and capturing them is not easy same in the case of startups getting any startup scale up is not at all easy too.

So how to tackle the same for Pokemon there are lots of lessons like trainer lessons for playing the game Pokemon go and many tips and tricks for startups one have to do handwork and do innovative things and awesome things to convert the Pokemon of startups  there are lots of lessons for startups to learn from learning the environment and getting amazing lessons from Pokemon first one is amazing popularity these Pokemon have so startups must build there brand in the same way.



Lesson number two 

Like Pokemon Go startups need to explore the opportunity one opportunity missed is equal to thousands of Dollars missed or may be more so Explore and connect and convert must be the mantra of the same for  both of the Sparks.



Lesson three From Pokemon Go to startups in India

Pokémon Go Plus, is planned for future release and will alert users when Pokémon are nearby. After getting huge success in first of its kind Augmented Reality game  Nintic labs the originator of the game will be thinking about part 2 or you can see future version of the game and believe me guys I think its going to be paid version to be launched in future through its creator.

In a nutshell it can be learned by a startup that do Focus on Future world and think about making money step by step and phase by phase in a very concise and curated manner so that money and future both will be secured its a master strategic move learned through Pokemon Go and Nintic labs   .



Lesson four Pokemon Go to Startups in India and Abroad .

John hanke the CEO of Nintic Labs have a future and long term vision for the company and upcoming products from the flagship of Nintic labs


many reasons made Pokemon a huge success because it have a combination of virtual world and Physical real world all together so Exercise as you find Poke and Thinking different and going off the track to make whole new adventure for the masses huge thing and Breaking the ice with new strategy as non of the game in the market have achieved so much through so much different thoughts.


Summing up entire thing if a startup specially working in a virtual product line and technology spree makes experiments in INDIA and do the wonders with the mind another similar case study can be from India and that startup can be a huge milestone in success and revenue generator.


Think out of the box must be a great one liner lesson for Indian and world startups from Pokemon Go.




Lesson Five 

Nintic labs got its Series A  5 million  of funding from Alsop Louie Partners, You & Mr Jones, Fuji TV and angel investors Cyan and Scott Banister, and Lucas Nealan and as part of the deal Gilman Louie will join the board of directors at Nintic. earlier it had around 20 Million investment from Nintendo and google.


So great lessons for startups from Pokemon Go is if your product is high in Demand in every country and have different combinations of advancement and technology it can be a huge hit and must be very good in its base foundation with great caliber to grow at an exponential rate so rather than focusing on getting Funding and expanding more in First round only, Indian startups must learn from Pokemon Go John Hanke that build a very strong product that will be unique and best in its class then money will automatically attracted as law of attraction on product features.

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