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How to take benefits of Startups Launchpad of AMAZON in India

In the year 2016, in the month of December and within the month of Santa Amazon done a marvelous job in bringing its world Renowned Platform AMAZON LAUNCHPAD which was superb hit in the continents where it was launched by AMAZON before India,

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What is Amazon Launchpad?

In UK and USA AMAZON was a major seller supporter and after watching the Demand and Supply vertical in India and growing marketplace and supplier and sellers , It decided to launch its world famous project AMAZON LAUNCHPAD in India,

Here in India what is Different is 

Now sellers can directly become members of Launchpad and sell not only to Indian buyers even to world and global places right from their membership accounts of Launchpad .

For mere Rs 5000 Amazon launchpad members gets a variety of services

1.Amazon’s seller support services such as account management, marketing and warehouse management among others.

2. Global Markets entry.

3. Brand Name Association.

4.Worldwide support shipment and strategy baseline of AMAZON.

5. Amazon global quality approved Tag.





AMAZON LAUNCHPAD IP Protection for Startups hope it will be present in India.

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Benefits of AMAZON LAUNCHPAD as follows:-


  1. Worldwide selling proposition opportune.
  2. Global reach at no extra cost.
  3. Amazon Intellectual support.
  4. Logistic Support for sellers in India.
  5. Shipment Support from AMAZON LAUNCHPAD.
  6. Quality and Packing Support to sellers.
  7. Amazon Brand value proposition to sellers.
  8. Amazon association which will help in future selling.
  9. Amazon quality support and will make sellers unique.
  10. Amazon customer care as a sellers customer care making a small seller a big supplier.


What Sellers must be thinking before becoming part of AMAZON LAUNCHPAD in India to the world?


  1. Cost of 5000 is much more initially to be paid upfront if it would be like pay as you grow would be a great proposition for  both Indian sellers and Launchpad too.
  2. Flipkart and Ebay and may be Snapdeal with whom current startups will be selling and supplying and they can bar the sellers or suppliers if they move on to Launchpad.
  3. What would be the return on investment and how to take benefit.
  4. AMAZON LAUNCHPAD must train the suppliers via You tube or any Other way as how to grow by being with AMAZON LAUNCHPAD.
  5. Awareness must be their for suppliers and sellers.



Have a look on the link 

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Step by step Procedure for getting started with AMAZON LAUNCHPAD.


Global Partners of AMAZON LAUNCHPAD

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