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How to take Idea to Startup in India?

Many People start there business either from a bus talk or a cab conversation to a real multimillionaire dream , few have dinner talks and few have it either on calls and many in India feel to startup a business right they feeling pressure on there jobs but out of 100 ideas only 10 percent come in to startup reality and out of 10 % only 2 percent make it big,

So what makes Idea to startup work :-

Well its all about how much enthusiastic you are and how much passionate you are for making that idea turn into reality and a startup dream and what prospects you think about the Idea to startup , either it was just a dream or a thought or its is really a money churning business really.

So give it a thought Are you ready for the startup dream ?

Hope its not mere a thought?

So lets take few valuable points why Ideas convert into Muti-billion Dollar business and the reasons are as below:-

First point :-



Idea must be about some problem solving problem and must have cure for a problem and must speak to the problem and it can be easy and just think you have parking problem you can make a startup which can help reduce this problem and remember the biggest the problem idea you have the more revenue generation startup you going to have in future but dont make it in itself a problem by thinking too much about problem.

Idea must solve your problem but must solve others problems in a blink of second and must be beneficial to them.

Examples are 

Facebook solved problems of people finding there school or college friends and connect them and let them share moments and memories.



Second Point:-


Team :-

Before starting up and going in a race for getting startup funding you must make a good and strong team with a great attitude and approach to build more products and strong image of the startups infront of the end user.

To make a great team you need to meet people find passion among the, what they off to and how they can be convinced and must be organised in a way that you and your team will work for a brand which is revenue generation business Idea and that needs to be turned into a real startup unicorn in the making.

To get the team unified founder and co founder needs to diversify the needs of the team and team members in such a way that each person in a team can work for his goals and his tasks but in a nutshell work for over all working for the organisation goal so in a summarized manner aligning the Individual goals with the company goals are much of a need.

Find Complementary skills and make them go along within your startup team and explore more and more skills together.


Co-founder and founder must build the startup with there cool approach and make team feel like family and must show the leadership strengths to the team.

Always have a plan for the team and make team work on plan and it might be different individualy.

Make standards set slowly and affix them with the team members and make team members responsible for the same.

Once Team Tone is being directed in a good way it will go and goes on for a long time.


Third point is Growth:-

Its all about your Minimal viable product which your startup going to work on and run with the same in a longer version of time.Make it with lots of research and with lots of and make it in such a way that it must have a good value proposition for the end user and must be used easily and must be popular ready product it can be.If it solves a problem it will be sold easily as market is there in plenty for the problem solving products.

Find Communities for your MVP (minimal viable product) where you going to pitch in for your MVP and it must be hard and fast so its very important point needed to be followed.



Connect with audience and the end user and try to connect in a way that you MVP will again be purchased and there must be a market for you product in future time also.

Product must be nurtured in such a way that it must be personal and must be adapted easily and must have a personal touch for the masses who going to use these products it will make a product cakewalk in the market now and in future as well.

Social media is a great way to be personal with your customer outline and remain connect point.



Fourth Point is Prepration:-

Prepare Your startup for legal and financial and Corporate regulatory regime which can be registering your entity and registering it in such a way that it will multiply the growth and profits and give your startup a protection cover.

How it is done is as follows:-

Step- 1 Register your startup whether Private Limited or Limited Liability partnership or One person Company (That depends on nature of business ,for more info contact post writer at the end of the post for the same.

Step-2 Protect your Intellectual Property Right of the Registered startup entity and that can be done by either registering trademark, copyright or patent as the case may be as per Indian laws,for more info contact post writer at the end of the post for the same.

Step 3 Register your domain and website and start doing your business,for more info contact post writer at the end of the post for the same.


Fifth Point (Adaptation):-

Starting a Startup is easy but adapting to  the environment of startup is indispensible because the game of the business is same whether it is big or small you must know the customer and there needs and your startup product must provide the real value proposition to the customers and your organisation must provide the same.

Let me explain with the help of an example NOKIA was great in making cellphones till 1998 but all of sudden other touch screen mobiles wiped out the old company out of the market and it happened because Nokia was not adaptive to the customer sentiments of change which they looking forward for in touch screen mobiles so always be innovative and adaptive to business movement..


Sixth point (Startup Capital):-

Startup is all about early stage expenses and those who say that just bootstrap your startup is right also but what is Startup capital, Nobody going to invest in a business which have expenses but no return and in every startup in early stage expenses are part of it as its important and required in this anyhow , so how to survive the startup the answer is only you can use your brain power, but you can only fund it intially by yourself and through your family support.



But remember every business is not paytm and require funding and to get investors your startup must be in a stage that its revenue earning and at  a fast pace only then there are jolly runners for your startups who gonna put seed or act as angels.


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