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Top 4 Unicorns of Startups in India

It all started on 2015 when Mr Modi given the salute and a big notion to the world of Startup India and Stand up India from Delhi red fort  and then wave for startup freezing since then to the whole of India  but the history and existence of startups was well before living in the minds of Indian startup guns whether they are in India or silicon Valley USA known as San Francisco.

Let me begin with the Top 4 Startup Guns of Indian subcontinent from technology ,

  1. Mr Vijay Shekar Sharma having Director Identification number 00466521 born in Aligarh a small town now a owner of biggest market place and Financial behemoth paytm  currently holding around directorship in 7 companies , The main company  now is ONE 97 COMMUNICATIONS LIMITED having registration number 108985. This young Pandit gun came from no where to win everywhere from India to China he is now a roar person having labs in Palo Alto Paytm developing Future financial products.

Success Mantras of Mr Vijay  Paytm is as follows:







2. Mr NAVEEN TEWARI  having Director Identification  Number 00677638 currently holding Directorship in three companies in India  and won Future Leaders Award’ presented by Pm in 2015, Story of Inmobi started in 2007 then Mkhoj now it have strong grown circle of leadership  MIIP the technology which is quality driven by inmobi is exclusive by inmobi which transforming digital advertising culture they call it discovery the MIIP. And now they going to see IPO huge success by a lad who never give up on dreams from Kanpur to Harvard to world of leadership success mantras as per him now revolves .

3. Mr Bhavish Agggarwal  having Director Identification number  03287473 started Ola Cabs on 3rd Dec 2010 within 6 years this company creating panic goose bumps in International Cab companies and Bhavish who came from Ludhiana a small town as well holding Directorship in two companies  Ani technologies Private limited and SERENDIPITY INFOLABS PRIVATE LIMITED


4. Mr Deepinder Goyal  having DIN number 02613583 started Zomato restaurant search and discovery app in 2008 earlier Zomato was Foodie bay  grown from Delhi to Kolkatta now surrounded in 23 countries Deepinder and Pankaj  both given splendid talent to grow the company having around 19 million page visits daily this app and Startup structure grown tremendously since start. This startup got 2nd place as best startup of the year 2015.

Recent visit of Tim cook also create buzz with Zomato as well as in the life of Mr Deepinder

Success mantra as per defined by him is great product:-

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