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Yuvraj singh as a Venture Capitalist





From the early days of his career he was boom bang Cricketer from Six sixes in a row against England in 2007 to Champions trophy 2002 or World cup 2011 and at the end IPl 2016 for Sunrisers Hyderabad he was all acclaimed  for all aspects he choose he performed magnificently at the age of 30 he started a fund for entrepreneurs for startups as a Fund for investment for catering needs of startups in the funding zone from 50 crore for a period of 5 years aiming to enlarge the pool to 300 crores in a couple of years .


As a Business man it is his innings for the startup fraternity as a Venture capitalist and his new venture known as “You we can  ventures” 


Source Cnbc tv 18youngturks


Journey of You we can Ventures as we go ahead with the intro Yuvraj Singh acting himself as a lean angel to this VC driven Business Strategic work force with him in main league opening with a rich experience cricket turf not exactly related to cricket but a sound professional with rich experiecnes of working with PWC and other reputed brands is Mr Nishant Singhal


who is right now the Strategic Board Member and Promoter  of Investor Clinic which is a Big Real Estate house in the sub-burn of NCR.

Apart from this team have Meenal gupta who is CFO of current venture  , she holds rich experience and guiding force in the current venture as well as she have 9 years of rich experience with top brand such as Microsoft.

Another professional who is also associated with this project is Shazmeen who have around 11 years of  splendid experience as corporate affairs and in the field of Public relations she also worked with universal brands across nation before joining in the Big saga of You we can venture.


You we can aims as following functions and services which is being provided through them to startup community and these are as follows:-

Seed Capital

Technology Advisory as Mr Nishant have strong  base in Information technology as well.

Financial Advisory

Branding, Marketing & PR

and if you can bootstrap your Idea the tagline define Yuvraj Singh is with you  and to drop your business profile and if you need above deals than you can bank upon the Fighter non other than MR Yuvraj Singh.


As we head into the portfolio of investments made by you we can ventures few following brands come and details are as below:-


Vyomo is a mobile app based beauty and wellness platform. We provide “Head-to-toe” doorstep beauty services at home to women of all ages in Bangalore, Mumbai, Delhi, Gurgaon and Noida. Vyomo brings you the best beauty professionals at your doorstep to pamper you. Just download our Android/iOS app, select from a variety of beauty services, fill in your details, choose a convenient time and relax!


You we can invested  undisclosed money as seed capital in this venture and as Uber and Ola developed the marketplace factory in India for localizing the need of masses this venture will also set to go into the same scale as per Brand Yuvi.


Yuvraj singh currently holds directorship in 3 companies along-with LLP of YOU WE CAN TECHNOLOGIES  LLP and other companies are Pluggers sports and Yuvraj Singh Center of Excellence and AUTOLOGUE MOTOR DESIGNS PRIVATE LIMITED.


Another Baby of Yuvraj singh portfolio of investment is Moovo  as venture says its logistics booking company of trucks Booking is simple yet convenient and here is the entry.

what made Yuvraj invest in moovo is that we think is strong team of moovo and Strong potential for growth as logistics market in India have huge opportunity to grow. Moovo app is also a great way to manage the hustles of Logistics.



Healthians is another venture where Yuvi parked his funds and Healthians helps users discover affordable healthcare, using quality and price transparency. The company aggregates diagnostic labs, crowd sourced sample collectors and nearby doctors as well as makes patients’ medical records available online.

Healthian is Gurgaon-based startup, founded by Deepak Sahni, aggregates diagnostic labs, crowd sourced sample collectors, doctors and also makes patients’ medical records available online.


healthian is another business venture which led Mr Yuvraj You we can venture Beats as this health sector now churning with latest apps and styles of corporate boom one strong potential and Exponential growth definitely led Yuvi to invest in the same to know more about Healthians click here .

Healthians investors are apart from you we can and these are health Start to know more go ahead .



Edukart the Armour of Ishan Gupta which educates kids and college kids as the name suggests it is a kart which provides 2500+ courses from over 100+ universities helps modern day of coaching and certifications through online marketplace of education. has raised $1 million (about Rs 6.4 crore) in a fresh round of funding through you we can.

Latest update on funding suggests EduKart has raised angel funding of about $2 million (Rs 12.8 crore).


Jet set go

Source Jetsetgo


A womenpreneaur Venture started by Kanika Tekriwal who Having worked in the aviation industry since the age of 17, it was only a matter of time before Kanika Tekriwal made it big.

Jetsetgo is online venture which provides Private jets and Charter services to the masses on a click of a button started  by Kanika and backed in investment by Yuvraj Singh You we can,around 15 % traffic on sky and it sets to viral in the future so this project have huge scope of burgeoning  profits in the coming time for parked funds of You we can ventures.


Cartisan a online marketplace to serve the breakdown of vehicles and cars support management app based module also where you we can have seen the lights also and also another portfolio item where yuvi parked the seed funds as well.Over 100 vehicle support centers and many broad infra Cartisan going to grow with unimagined speed .Started from Bangalore now it have base in Mumbai and Gurgaon with IOS and Android Platform app mode as well which helps it in growing.



Sports 365 is the Mahesh Bhupathi starer  company , and Sports365 India’s premier sports and fitness company, is a result of collaborative effort of experienced management professionals with passion for sports, leading Indian sporting icons, sports industry experts.Whereas Chandra Sekhar Reddy, CEO and Lara and Yuvi are Brand Ambassodors and the Angels include You we can and Powerhouse ventures and Zolon ventures backed the company strongly.

Reasons of this Company strong is that it manages sports talent and a fitness Company that is one of the top most reason why Yuvraj Invested in it .



Sporty beans a Brand where You we can found adversity and aggressive growth where multi-sport program for children (aged 1.5-8 years).Started there operations from year 2009 and Singh has picked up 10%-15% stake in Sporty Beans . The company looks to raise $8-10 million, or about Rs 52-65 crore, to fund its immediate growth plans. SportyBeans, which opened its first centre in 2010, today has a base of 15,000 children a year. It plans to leverage mobile technology to allow users to book online and for personal coaching and in-school sessions.

Huge opportunity lies in sports of Kids and every parent dream is get their kid fit and fine so lots of scope of growth in the market here which led Mr Singh to be king over here.


Diversified portfolio include last but not the least

Black White Oranges 

provides licensing, brand consulting, and merchandising solutions to various brands. The company was incorporated in 2015 and is headquartered in Mumbai, India.Founded by Bhavik vohra  and co founded by Mitali desai.





Well what made Yuvi have a portfolio of just 50 crore dispensed in such a wide range what would be the factors which investors like You we can decides before entering as investor in a startup fanny and these are as below:-

Tech startups have huge potential as Indian markets are technology driven now onward.

Mobility any startup who is mobile and available to the masses in simple yet innovative and alluring User experience  have lots of potential to be clicked yes for investors.

Niche products and niche services are the talk of the town so if you are best in your domain and solving the real game then you have more chances of getting funded by a Venture capitalist starer or angel.

Solving problems as we talk about above portfolio we came to know that Vyomo and Healthians and Sporty beans or Sports 365 all are fitness geeks of healthcare sector , so a specific sector which have huge potential must be chosen by startups in a hurry.

Luxury sells upfront like jet set go , let me define it with a help of a example if you have  a Billion $ and you need to travel at your convenient time from place A to place B then would you go to any website or book a charter off-course Charter but now charters are available in lacs so why to worry. If your product serve luxury then in India many takers for the same.


Business these days are non fixed asset based like Edukart a marketplace where education is provided through a funnel of online way and you get trained so if you know how to serve your customer-base and at what level at what speed and at what infra you can get Seed and nuts fast from angels above all its a Green story.


to know more contact Gaurav who crafted this saga to contact drop a mail of like our page.


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